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Submitting a request - procedure

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At the request of the parties, the State Archives in Rijeka (hereinafter: the Archives) conducts researches that do not require too much time, prepares and issues certified copies of the archival documentation in its care. The Archives does not conduct more complex research for users. Research and issuing of copies is regulated by the Law on Archival documentation and Archives (NN 61/18, 98/19) and the Regulations on the use of archival documentation (NN 121/19). For the provision of such services, the Archives charges fees determined by the Price list for research of public archival documentation, making copies, recording, duplication, publishing and other forms of use of archival documentation (link) issued by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia (CLASS: 612-06/21-01/0059, REG. NUM.: 532-02-03-01/3-22-3) .

In order to initiate the procedure of research and/or issuing copies, the party must submit to the Archives a fully completed and signed Request to conduct a research, make and certify copies (link). If any of the above information is missing, the request cannot be received. The application is submitted in person at the Archives in the Admissions office (Pisarnica) or if the party is not able to submit the application in person, the completed form can be submitted by post or e-mail.

If the requested documentation refers to the requesting party, and the availability deadlines have not expired, the party must prove its identity by presenting personal documents. If the request is submitted by post or e-mail, the party is obliged to attach copies of its identity documents to the request.

If the requested documentation does not refer to the party, and the availability deadlines have not expired, the party must enclose proof of its legal interest to the request (power of attorney, authorization, sale contract, contract of donation and similar).

According to the Administrative procedure act, the Archives is obliged to respond to every received request within 30 days from the day of receipt of the request. If all the information is sufficient, requests are usually resolved within 8 working days, from the day of receipt. In exceptional cases, the party may submit a request for an urgent response. The Archives will accept such a request after assessing the possibility of its execution. The Archives reserves the right to refuse to resolve such requests if it is unable to provide a response to the request within the time limit stated in the request.

If during the resolution of the request the need to supplement the data stated in the request is determined, the Archives will contact the party by phone or e-mail and request additional data. According to the Act on the right to access information, the Archives is obliged to provide information on the request resolution procedure, that is, to inform whether the resolution is ongoing or completed, and to provide information on the date of dispatch or the possibility of receiving a response. The Archives is not obliged to provide the party with information related to the content of the response to the submitted request, while the procedure for resolving the request is in progress, that is, before it has settled its obligations to the Archives upon the submitted request.

The Archives will deliver the answer to the party by post to the address of the party specified in the request or the party may pick it up in person at the Admissions office (Pisarnica) of the Archives. Fees for research services, copying, certification and other costs will be paid by the party by payment to the giro account of the Archives before dispatching the answer or by payment to the cashiers office of the Archives when taking over the answer in the Archives.